Ok so i’m going to explain to you what i’m doing at this moment. There are plumbers at my Dad’s house (my location) and they have dug up holes and stuff. My dog Kikki, some how got out but she’s a good dog (sometimes) so she doesn’t leave the house, she just runs all over the place because she’s crazy. Kikki is a boxer so she is big a weigh’s so much so I cannot carry her. She is also very smart so if I tried any other way to get her outside she would not budge. So I have to look after her in the kitchen and she is crazy she jumps on me and scratches my back. I will always love her but OMG she is crazy. My dad and brother are also not home and they will be back in 2-3 hours. so yea sorry if this is a long story i’m just like that I can’t really tell short stories. I wish I could sometimes because people in the past have been really mean to me about it. They automatically don’t listen and tell me to shut up and they say they don’t care in a really mean way and there facial expression looks like kikki’s ass. Anyway it doesn’t really bother me now probably cause it hasn’t happened in a while. I stopped hanging with that group of friends. Plus I changed schools this year.